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Do you know that thousands of websites such as yours are hacked on a daily basis?

Every day, business owners lose sensitive data or incur irreparable damage to their reputation due to security vulnerabilities on their websites that they were not aware of.

Outdated content management systems, poorly-coded plugins or design flaws are just some of the vulnerabilities hackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your site and, from there, access your private databases and modify your site’s pages to, for example, load viruses onto your visitors’ computers or display illegal or offensive content.

Unfortunately, hiring a cybersecurity company to perform a security audit of your website can be extremely expensive, often costing several thousand dollars.

For just a fraction of that price, our company can perform a full vulnerability scan of your website and provide you with a detailed report containing a list and description of any security issue found on your site, as well as details on how to fix them.



  • Análisis personalizado de vulnerabilidad de su página web
  • Informe detallado que contiene una lista y descripción de cualquier problema de seguridad encontrado en su sitio web
  • Información sobre como solucionar los posibles problemas de vulnerabilidad encontrados
  • Entrega en apróximadamente 5 días laborables (dependiendo del tamaño de la página)

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